Improve your learning

Improve your learning

Teaching Writing

Recently I’ve read an article in the Kent C. Dodds blog and I pretty much agree 100%, and that’s why I’m writing this post here: To solidify my understanding and improve my learning skills.

The three takeaways he mentioned are:

  • Consume information to be aware of what’s out there to be learned.
  • Build something with the technology you want to learn.
  • Teach what (writing about it, for example) you learned in the process of building it.

He touched in a point that resonates a lot with me: it’s common to have the impression that we don’t need to teach because there’s always someone that is better than us and there’s always a good article about what we are thinking to teach. But we’re unique and nobody can teach the way we teach and this is a good thing. We have the chance to impact people in a different way.

So, I’m getting my content out there to be part of this movement.

Thank you for reading.